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What common misconceptions do people have about vein treatments?

Dr. Blumenthal shares common misconceptions he has encountered among vein treatment patients.

Video Transcription:

After seeing this many patients for this many years, when you start hearing things enough you realize that they’re not just random comments. They become very common and I hear them all the time.

People want know why they have the vein problem. How they can prevent the vein problem. Whether or not they inherit it from their mother, that’s the most common thought of why they have the vein problem. Don’t I need these veins? They think that by getting rid of these veins, that are completely abnormal and are carrying no blood and really have nothing to do with your circulation, that they’re important. They’re not. You can live a normal life without any of them.

That’s a very common question that people ask. How can I get rid of these veins when I have them? And don’t I need them? And the answer is, no. And you can sort of use different example to explain to people like during an operation how many veins are transected and never put back together and we live normal lives with scars. So no vein that you see - almost none - that you see through the skin is a necessary vein in order to be completely healthy.

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