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Sclerotherapy for Leg Spider Veins

Approximately 60 years ago, a remarkable technique was developed by an American physician whereby a solution injected into a vein would cause the vein to "scar" inside. The technique is sclerotherapy. In the hands of a skilled and experienced vascular surgeon, this technique is very effective for treating abnormal small veins and also varicose veins. When done properly, it is highly superior to the outdated, invasive methods such as vein stripping or tying off a vein.

Spider veins on upper thighs treated by sclerotherapy at the Vein Center and CosMedBefore/After

Sclerotherapy is recognized as the gold standard for the treatment of spider veins. It is performed quickly in the physician's office with minimal discomfort and no anesthesia. And the patient can resume his or her normal activities immediately. Laser treatment for spider veins of the legs has not been proven to be as effective and can result in serious complications. Only certain types of spider veins can be successfully treated using certain specific lasers. In general, the "gold standard" for treating spider veins is always sclerotherapy.

Few physicians are proficient in sclerotherapy. There are multiple medicines which can be injected into the vein, and the treatment varies from one patient to the next. Even one patient may require several different solutions. The Vein Center & CosMed has all of the available medications for sclerotherapy, and one of its highest priorities is to stay abreast with new sclerotherapy medications including foam preparations to assure that the patient is receiving optimal treatment.

Sclerotherapy is an art that can only be mastered after years of experience and thousands of cases. It is an art which is precise and tedious and must be preformed correctly for optimal results. If done inappropriately it can lead to scarring and results that are worse than the patient's initial condition. The Vein Center & CosMed's expertise in sclerotherapy is unparalleled.

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