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Why do some tattoos take longer to remove than others?

Tattoos are produced using a gun that basically fires ink into the skin. They are sometimes done by professionals and sometimes by non-professionals. It turns out that ones that are done in someone’s garage are easier to get rid of than ones that are done professionally.  So if you have a professional tattoo it will take longer than a non-professional one. The type of ink used can also determine the number of times that a tattoo needs to be treated before it’s gone. The size of the tattoo has nothing to do with how many treatments are necessary because the whole tattoo is treated in each session. The color of the tattoo is the most important aspect of the tattoo that will determine how many visits are necessary as far as laser treatments are concerned. Different wavelengths of light from the laser are used for different colors. Different colors absorb different wavelengths of light. When a laser emits a certain wavelength of light into the tattoo, the light is absorbed by that color of the ink and then the ink particles heat up enough to actually explode.  They then become infinitesimally small particles which are carried away by the lymphatic system. Each session targets specific colors so the more colors there are the more treatment sessions that are necessary.

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