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What is the recovery process like for tattoo removals?

During the tattoo removal recovery process, the tattoo usually assumes what we call a frosted look that is a white or shiny grey color that takes the place of the usual appearance of the tattoo. There can be bruising and there can be smudging of the tattoo ink. In general the tattoo can look much worse than it did before treatment but that all resolves in a manner of 2-3 weeks. During this time, no special instructions are really necessary except to protect the area for a few days right after treatment because the skin is more susceptible to trauma so we recommend some sort of a simple dressing that doesn’t interfere with anything.

There is usually no discomfort after the tattoo removal session is completed. Some people will feel a little bit of burning or stinging afterwards but it isn’t enough to stop them from proceeding with the next session. It is long gone before the next session of laser treatment. There are no real side effects but we tell people they should wait a month between sessions for the skin to fully recover before the next session.

We are open for appointments. To protect the health and safety of our patients we are taking precautions above and beyond CDC recommendations.
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