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Do any topical creams work for the treatment of stretch marks?

If stretch marks responded to any over the counter lotions, potions, ointments or creams, no one would have them.

As of this date, there is nothing you can do besides the use of a laser to treat, improve or eliminate stretch marks. There is nothing you can put on before pregnancy, during pregnancy, after pregnancy, growth spurts or after weight gain that can make stretch marks not appear or make them better after they do appear.

Usually stretch marks start out either purple, pink or red when they are young. Over time they become white or silvery in color, and they are much harder to treat. They are still treatable, but it takes many more times with a laser to get rid of the white or silver stretch marks.

The pink ones, purple ones and red ones respond with fewer treatments with a laser than the white or silver ones. The sooner people have them treated after they first notice them, the quicker and more effective their treatment will be.

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