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Will I need multiple treatments for my abnormal veins?

Dr. Blumenthal discusses why it is often necessary to have multiple sclerotherapy sessions.

Video Transcription:

When sclerotherapy is used to either treat varicose veins or spider veins or even veins on the chest or on the face, large enough ones, often more than one session is necessary. When a vein is injected by any one of a number of different sclerosing agents, or these chemicals that cause the vein to be reabsorbed, sometimes the vein on gets "injured" it doesn't get killed. And it gets better, it gets lighter, it gets harder to see. It may get smaller, but it is not gone and it needs to be treated again.

And we accept that because we know that if we get too aggressive using sclerotherapy and inject a solution that's too strong, too hard, miss a vein inject the skin, inject a vein under too much pressure - any of those things can kill a chunk of skin causing the skin to turn black, ultimately to form a scar which is much, much worse than the original problem and which cannot be corrected. So we accept the fact that multiple sessions are often necessary rather than having to deal with any kind of problems being too aggressive.

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