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What types of treatments are available for helping with stretch mark appearance?

Dr. Blumenthal discusses the various types of stretch marks and how they are treated at The Vein Center & CosMed.

Video Transcription:

Stretch marks, as most everyone knows, is a very common condition and every woman especially hates them. They come in different flavors. They come wide, they come narrow, they come deep, they come superficial, they come red, purple, blue, silver, white, old, young.

The best treatment that we know of so far is treatment with a laser that causes a slight inflammatory response in the skin, causes collagen to grown in response to that inflammation and can actually make the stretch mark appear much less obvious and much harder to see. Sometimes a very fine line can be left. Sometimes the stretch mark is gone completely. And sometimes nothing happens. The younger they are, the better the results. The more color they have, the better the results.

So if some young lady especially happens to get stretch marks during her pregnancy and we are lucky enough to see her during the first 4-6 months after the delivery and the stretch marks are red or purple, they get the best results and we encourage people to treat them when we see them at that stage. When someone is 85 years old and they're silver and they're hard and they've been present for 60, 70 years, we try to discourage those people from trying to attempt to get rid of their stretch marks because the results just aren't that good.

We happen to be fortunate enough to be the only place, the only doctor's office, in St. Louis or any other place for that matter that has this particular laser that can be this effective treating stretch marks. There are other lasers that purport to be able to treat stretch marks, none of which are as good as, with the same results as, the one that we have. And we've had it for approximately 15 years. And after doing our research and reading enough papers and seeing enough patients and treating enough patients, we believe that it is the best stretch mark laser and we happen to be fortunate enough to have it.

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