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What are side effects of vein treatments?

There are no negative side effects that can occur after sclerotherapy for spider veins or varicose veins. When treating larger varicose veins, the veins can become firm and hard like a cord underneath the skin as they absorb the sclerosing solution from the therapy. That is not a negative side effect. That is actually what you want to see.

“Sclero” means “to harden” and arterioSCEROSIS, for example, is hardening of the arteries. “Sclerotherapy” is used to harden the veins. The hardened vein stops functioning, dies, and is eventually absorbed naturally by the body.

Sometimes the injected vein can turn a golden color. This can happen if a drop of blood gets trapped in the vein as it hardens. The breakdown product of that hemoglobin molecule found inside red blood cells is a gold color. Sometimes one or two small spider veins or a large varicose vein can turn this golden color. Usually this is short-lived, but it can last up to 10 or 11 months. However, it goes away by itself, and it is rare enough that it is not considered something that should prevent someone from receiving treatment.

As far as blood clots are concerned with varicose veins, the risk of having a deep vein thrombosis, the dangerous type of blood clot, is no greater in sclerotherapy than it is in regular life.

As far as blood clots are concerned with spider veins, one has nothing to do with the other. There are no   kinds of severe health-threatening or life-threatening side effects assuming the patient is not allergic to the solution that’s being injected.

We are open for appointments. To protect the health and safety of our patients we are taking precautions above and beyond CDC recommendations.
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