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How long do vein treatments last?

Dr. Blumenthal explains how long the effects of sclerotherapy last for patients.

Video Transcription:

Once a vein has been sclerosed if you will or treated effectively with a laser and it's gone, it's gone forever. It's as if the vein were taken out of the body and thrown in a waste can. It's the same thing as taking a vein out during an operation and disposing of it. So when a vein is treated correctly using sclerotherapy, and that takes some skill and lots of experience, if the vein is treated correctly and it does sclerose and it is reabsorbed and it  disappears, it's gone forever. It's reabsorbed by the body never to reappear.

Now if it's only partially treated, it can look better, it can feel better, but it may not be gone. In which case over time it can fill back up with blood because it wasn't completely killed. It was only harmed. So it looks better but it's not gone. So does that vein come back? It never went away. So it can look worse again. But once a vein is gone, it's gone forever.

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